Saturdays CAV opens at 9:30 am; Sundays at 10:00 am

Thick French toast with cinnamon and pure maple syrup 8.50

French Toast a la CAV; thick slices with sautéed apples, raisins
and toasted walnuts in a butterscotch maple sauce 11.95

Belgian  waffle with pure maple syrup 8.50
Belgian waffle with strawberry thyme syrup 9.95

Eggs Supreme: fluffy scrambled eggs with shallot sauce and sun-dried
tomatoes served with grilled French bread and herbed red Bliss potatoes 9.95

Poached eggs with Sweet Garden Salsa, over fresh spinach,
accompanied by roasted red Bliss potatoes and grilled garlic bread* 10.95

Poached eggs with Applewood Smoked Bacon, served with grilled French bread,
roasted red Bliss potatoes and Hollandaise sauce* 11.95

Omelette with Balsamic Caramelized Onions, Goat Cheese,
tomatoes, served with roasted red Bliss potatoes and grilled French bread 10.95

Omelette with Fresh Spinach, Feta Cheese, and Mushrooms
served with roasted red Bliss potatoes and grilled French bread 10.95

Pistachio encrusted Maryland Blue Crab cake with poached egg and grilled
sweet bread served with a zesty Sriracha aioli* 15.95

Scrambled eggs with Maine Lobster, toasted sweet bread and Thai Chile cream sauce 19.95

Norwegian smoked salmon platter with capers, onions, shredded lettuce,
tomatoes and a toasted bagel with cream cheese 10.95

Tofu and Vegetable Scramble of the Day with roasted potatoes and grilled herbed bread 8.50



Soup of the Day  Cup 4.25 Bowl 5.95

Clam Chowder Cup 4.25  Bowl 5.95  Lobster Bisque Cup 5.95 Bowl 7.95

Bruschetta: tomatoes, artichokes, Feta cheese, fresh herbs in a Balsamic Marinade,
served over crusty garlic bread (serves 2 or more) 7.50

Walnut Encrusted Brie with brandied Apricots, served with crackers (for 2) 8.25

Coconut Shrimp with Thai Chile Sauce 5.75

St. Donato White Pizza with Grilled Chicken, Artichokes, Gorgonzola,
Rosemary and Shallot Sauce (for 3 or more) 13.50



HOUSE SALAD with Mixed Wild Greens with Endives, Cucumber and Carrots 5.00

THE CAESAR: Large salad of Romaine Hearts with Herb Batons and Parmesan crisp 9.95

THE SOPHIA: Large salad of Wild Greens, Sun-dried Cranberries, Walnuts, Gorgonzola,
in a Caramelized Honey Onion Vinaigrette.  8.00

TUNA ROMANO: Platter of Italian Tuna Salad (no mayo), with Red and Green Peppers,
Spanish Onion, and Herbs, served over White Cannellini Bean salad 8.95

THE KOMBU SALAD: Sesame Encrusted Yellowfin Tuna (served rare)* over Baby Greens
and Cucumbers, in a Ginger Scallion Vinaigrette, topped with Crispy Rice Noodles 13.95

Add grilled Chicken 3.50   Add Applewood Bacon (2) 2.50   Add Shrimp 1.75 each



PASTA FLORENTINE: Fresh Cut Pasta, rolled and filled with a Spinach Walnut and Cheese mousse,
served with a delicate shallot cream sauce with a side salad 10.50

MUSSELS ARRABIATA: Sautéed Mussels in Spicy Pomodoro sauce served over Capellini Pasta 12.95

SEARED SALMON with Vegetables and Baby Greens and served with Orange Glaze Sauce,
served with grilled Red Peppers, Spanish Onions, and Snow Peas 11.50

PARMESAN CRUSTED CHICKEN in a White Wine Butter Sauce served with
shredded Carrots and Roasted Potatoes 13.95

THE BAG: Baked Baguette served hot, with melted Brie, Honey Smoked Turkey,
and Honey Mustard served 
with side salad 8.50

BLACK ANGUS HALF POUNDER: Grilled 8oz Hamburger, served on Sesame Brioche Bread,
with tomato, lettuce, and French fries 11.95 Add Cheddar .50

Side orders: Fries 2.95   Applewood Bacon (2) 2.50    Black Bean Salad or White Bean Salad 3.00
Slice of cheese .50


*The Health department specifies that under-cooked foods, such as poached eggs,
may increase the risk of food borne illness. 

All menu items and prices subject to change.